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Beginning Challenge

December 31st, 2005 at 08:00 am

Happy New Years to everyone. I found this site back in Sept of 2005. Besides the freebies, this forum is my fav. I had never heard of half.com before coming here. I listed some of my old books there and made $217 in 2005. I have a few books left there and I will start 2006 with the left overs. I have also placed some of them on Amazon.com. I'll use the $20 start up for postage. My plan is to purchase books at flea markets, book sales ect. to continue the challange, and build up a nice little side business. I read a lot, so an added bonus is getting to read the books before I selll them. I also have started to do a few surveys here and there. I will add any money from these to my challange. Surveys for merchandise will just be a bonus. I plan to use profits to build inventory and anything left at end of year will go towards a getaway. Good luck to all my fellow challengers.

Starting balance: $20.

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